Stop. A stop is a temporary pause in one’s life. We stop when we are uncertain and need to gather more information or to take a break and rest awhile. This blog is a place for you to stop by to consider how you can improve your being and quality of life.

Hi! My name is Shuyi and I live in Singapore. Since I was young, I have been very interested in matters of health and well-being. I believe that the natural world can heal us and the more in touch we are with ourselves and others, the physical world and God, the happier and healthier we can be.

I started this blog because I hope to share some of the remedies I have discovered over the years with more people. This blog is about possibilities, about finding ways to improve and restore well-being. It hence promotes practices beyond the usual and conventional – seeing the doctor when you’re sick.

Yes, the usual and conventional can and may work, but when it does not or when we are looking for something more, we can look at other means to holistically recover our well-being. The dictionary defines having an alternative as “the power, right, or opportunity to choose”. And this blog exists to empower people to find means to actively take control of their health and happiness.

It will explore topics about alternative therapies, exploring traditional medicine from various cultures, science, and also mental and psychological health. This blog believes that the human being is a unit of integrity where mind, body, soul, and spirit are interlinked and are all to be kept in balanced to keep one happy and healthy.